Zapped is a spectacular, stunt filled 2-hour special bringing together humans and electricity. It includes host Tom Comet surviving a lightning bolt (above) and the Guinness World Record attempt on the ‘longest human electric circuit’ (below). This involved 250 people and a 600,000 Volt Van Der Graaf generator. Also recreates crucial moments in the spectacular and sometimes deadly relationship between man and electricity.

Props were assembled by the Screenhouse props team under Marty Jopson. Producer Director is Patrick Titley.

This is a co-production with yap films in Canada and Leeds, run by Elliott Halpern (Canada) and Pauline Duffy (UK). Elliott and Pauline are executive producers on the show, along with Paul Bader from Screenhouse.   There is investment from Screen Yorkshire, and Channel 4 International.


Executive Producers Paul Bader,  Pauline Duffy, Elliott Halpern

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