Britain’s Tallest Teens

Paul Sturgess from Loughborough is an incredible 7 feet 7 inches tall. His height could bring him fame and fortune after he was spotted by a basketball talent scout from America. He’s now on a sport scholarship in Florida and could be the NBA’s next basketball millionaire. If he grows just a little bit more he could also claim the crown of the World’s Tallest Man. Our films follows 19 year old Paul in Florida as he tries to break through to playing for his college side. NBA scouts are already on his trail. We watch Paul as he comes home to Loughborough to catch up with his family and friends and as he tries to fit back into a world that he is finding smaller and smaller.

Paul is one of three teenagers to be featured in “Britain’s Tallest Teens”. For her 13th birthday Tara Savage from Kent wants a new pair of shoes but her mother knows she will have problems finding girls’ shoes in a size 12. Tara is already over 6 feet tall and could grow to over 7 foot. She may face the agonising decision of having medical treatment to stop her growing and that could mean she may never have children. Chris Lister from Leeds is 7ft 3 inches and has found that his height has brought him unwanted attention in the form of abuse and bullying. But during the film he discovers he may have a new talent – as a supersize model and heads to London to audition....

The Executive Producer of Britain’s Tallest Teens, Barbara Govan says, “Each teenager is not just incredibly tall, each has a story to tell. Being nearly 8 foot may seem like a disadvantage to most teenagers but as our film will show there are some advantages!”

Britain's Tallest Teens was shown on ITV1 on Thursday 12th July 2007 at 9pm, when it was the single most watched programme on TV. It averaged 3.8 million viewers (18%) and peaked at 4.2 million. It is distributed by ID Distribution.

Produced and directed by Jayne Brierley

Associate Producer Alison Vanes

Executive Producers Barbara Govan and Paul Bader

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