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"The speakers were fantastic. The course was great at keeping attention and was generally fun and relevant. All in all a great success."

PhD Biology Student, University of York

“Very Good. The most fun course I’ve been on! Good instructors – very relaxed.”

Course participant, London

“The session did exactly what I’d hoped; to focus us on the audience for our stories. It was great to work with you.”

Course organiser, London


Novels, films, bedtime stories, stories in newspapers. This course shows how narrative and story writing techniques can be applied to science to bring it to new audiences and with greater impact. On the course delegates will examine their own work to find stories there, then learn techniques to make the story as clear and engaging as possible.

Run by Paul Bader, veteran producer and author of five science books, the course brings techniques regularly used by journalists, novelists, and screenwriters, to science.

Paul says: "Scientists and academics spend most of their time talking to peers about their work. And when exposed to external audiences often feel the need to educate and explain. But science can be gripping, moving, and even funny - if you know how to find and tell your story."


  • How to examine your work to find the narrative
  • Understanding the different kinds of story
  • Why different audiences need different stories
  • Simplifying your content without dumbing down
  • How to make a story dramatic and engaging

This is a highly interactive course. Delegates will work on their own content, and will start drafting their own story during the course.


  • Experts and academics interesting in finding new ways to communicate their work.
  • Suitable for all levels - courses are interactive and change according to who takes part
  • Those with bespoke needs - see below

We also offer One to One sessions for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds up to Cabinet Office level. We have worked with lawyers, consultant physicians, NHS Managers, business people, scientists - The Royal Society, UKRC Women in Science, academics, surgeons, National Society and College of Radiographers and many more.  

Fees vary according to group size - this course is best for groups from 1 to 15.

For more information, course outline, and to book a place contact


Barbara Govan

Journalist and producer. Barbara has been a reporter for radio stations in Preston and Manchester, and an on-screen TV reporter for ITV Granada and Yorkshire. Her career as a producer has included news, magazine shows, and documentaries, including her award-winning Timewatch: The Hidden Children.

Paul Bader

Producer and Director. Since leaving science research (he was in genetics) Paul has worked in TV for over 30 years. He is best known for science programmes he has made for UK and US channels. For a full list, explore our Broadcast pages. Paul has worked across TV at all levels from network to local, and in genres from science to history to popular factual. Has received many awards for his science communication work.