Our media skills courses are hosted at many leading organisations, and we are seeking new partners to work with.

We work flexibly, with groups of 1-30, so if you are interested ...

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"The speakers were fantastic. The course was great at keeping attention and was generally fun and relevant. All in all a great success."

PhD Biology Student, University of York

“Very Good. The most fun course I’ve been on! Good instructors – very relaxed.”

Course participant, London

“The session did exactly what I’d hoped; to focus us on the audience for our stories. It was great to work with you.”

Course organiser, London


Whether a spot on local radio or an article in a national newspaper, a 2 minute TV news item or a 52 minute documentary, having your work in the media reaches audiences you can't reach any other way. This course by Screenhouse's seasoned media professionals will show you how the media works and why, and equip you to face reporters in any media. You will practice your skills on camera, and can even take away a video of your performance.

Run by veteran producers Barbara Govan and Paul Bader, the course gives behind the scenes insight into what the media expect of you, and how you can effectively use the media to get your message across. Understand why stories sometimes seem sensationalist or misleading, and practice looking at your story as a reporter would.


  • Extensive media skill workshop with journalists and producers
  • How to deal with tricky questions
  • Your story written as a media release
  • Practice interviews with recording and playback on camera
  • Lunch and refreshments

Many people's first experience of the media is their first real interview. This workshop will give you tools and on camera practice to equip you ahead of time - or improve for the next time.


  • Learn how the media works, how to use it and take control
  • What to do when a reporter calls
  • Analyse your work as a journalist would, and write it as a media release
  • Learn interview techniques and practice on camera
  • Deal with tricky questions


  • Experts and academics in the public eye, or who may have to represent their work in public. Those interested in publicising their work. Those who want to learn to deal with the media.
  • Suitable for all levels - courses are interactive and change according to who takes part
  • Those with bespoke needs - see below

We off this course to groups, generally hosted by one institution or organisation.  Fees vary according to group size - we have successfully run the course for groups from 1 to 12. The smaller the group, the more individual work each person gets. This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your team. It will raise your profile and your confidence in every interaction you have following the course.

We also offer One to One sessions for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds up to Cabinet Office level. We have worked with lawyers, consultant physicians, NHS Managers, business people, scientists - The Royal Society, UKRC Women in Science, academics, surgeons, National Society and College of Radiographers and many more.  

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Barbara Govan

Journalist and producer. Barbara has been a reporter for radio stations in Preston and Manchester, and an on-screen TV reporter for ITV Granada and Yorkshire. Her career as a producer has included news, magazine shows, and documentaries, including her award-winning Timewatch: The Hidden Children.

Paul Bader

Producer and Director. Since leaving science research (he was in genetics) Paul has worked in TV for over 30 years. He is best known for science programmes he has made for UK and US channels. For a full list, explore our Broadcast pages. Paul has worked across TV at all levels from network to local, and in genres from science to history to popular factual. Has received many awards for his science communication work.