Many of our individual programmes and series are available, some through distributors. If you are interested in licensing a programme for broadcast or for for any other use, please email Chief Executive Barbara Govan,

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Local Heroes

The iconic series in which Adam Hart-Davis got on his bike to recreate the discoveries and inventions of scientists and engineers. Featuring brilliant original demonstrations and machines. Shot around Britain and with ‘specials’ from Italy and Egypt. 42 x 30 min programmes in 6 series.   Special Double DVD available here.

The Clock That Changed The World

A clock has recently come to light in Leeds Museum that is the missing piece in one of the greatest stories of science and invention. This is the story of John Harrison, the pioneering clock maker who in the 18th century solved the problem of finding a ship’s position at sea. The Leeds Clock throws new light on how Harrison, originally a humble joiner from Humberside, had the ideas that revolutionised clock-making and navigation. Starring Adam Hart-Davis. 1 x 30 min (a commercial hour version may be available).

Beechings Tracks

Adam Hart-Davis attempts a journey across Yorkshire that used to be possible by rail - until Dr Beeching took away the service in the 1960s. This is the story of an event whose effects are still felt 40 years later. 1 x 30 min.

The Man Who Invented The Aeroplane

One man’s attempt to build an aeroplane from 1808, to prove that man flew nearly 100 years before the Wright Brothers. Colin Wrigglesworth is obsessed with the work of Sir George Cayley, an aristocratic scientist from North Yorkshire in England. Now he takes the obsession to new levels, attempting build a flying reconstruction of Sir George’s 1808 glider in his barb. If it flies, it will prove that heavier-than-air flying machines too to the air far earlier than anyone thought. But the attempt proves difficult and dangerous. 1 x 50 min (1 x 30 min available)

Britain’s Tallest Teens

The ups and downs in the lives of three of Britain’s tallest teenagers. This is a charming and moving account of the lives of three extreme young people. Paul is 7ft 7 inches, and may become Britain’s tallest man. He dreams of a basketball scholarship in America - but will he make the grade? 7ft 3 inch Chris is far less positive about his height. He has been bullied and mocked since he became much taller than his friends. But he’s been spotted by an agent, who may be able to turn his height into something positive. Tara is worried about her health, and may need treatment to stop her growing; but that might affect her chance of having children. Originally shown to high viewing figures on ITV1. 1 x 1hr, distributed by iD Distribution.

 The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide

The story of everything - from the first microseconds of our universe to the exciting prospect of first contact with life beyond the Earth. Six of the biggest questions about the universe, and the cutting edge science attempting to answer them. Episodes are: Life in the cosmos; Building the universe; Seeing the universe; Violent universe; Exploring the universe; Other worlds. 6 x 30 mins, made for BBC and Open University and distributed by OU Worldwide. The Open University has a web site for the series.

Science Shack

Innovative and popular science series in which seemingly impossible challenges are put to the test in the Science Shack, a portable lab and workshop. Presented by Adam Hart-Davis and head of engineering Jem Stansfield. 12 shows: Could I walk on the ceiling?; What do we do when the oil runs out?; How fast can your legs carry you?; How could I survive lightning?; What’s the biggest thing that could fly?; Why did the Millennium Bridge wobble?; Could I walk on water?; How could I make myself invisible?; How tall could you make a building?; What’s the highest a man could jump?; Could I fly like a bird?; and Could I live underwater? 12 x 30 mins, made for BBC and Open University and distributed by OU Worldwide. The Open University has a web site for the series.