We’ve made series and single films for UK and US broadcasters. A lot of what we’ve done has won awards. Here’s a list - click on a title for more information

The Clock That Changed The World

Recently discovered wooden clock that casts new light on the amazing story of John Harrison, the man who solved the ‘longitude’ problem.

Beeching’s Tracks

Adam Hart-Davis takes a journey that used to be possible by train. The story of ‘Beeching’s axe’, the dramatic ripping up of hundreds of railway lines in the 1960s, and the impact still being felt today.

The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide

Six part series shown on BBC2 that tackles some of the really big questions about the universe.

Britain’s Tallest Teens

The highs and lows in the lives of three incredibly tall teenagers. Moving and entertaining, this was a top-rated 9pm documentary on ITV1.

Timewatch: The Hidden Children

Moving documentary about four children saved from death by being secretly hidden from the Nazis. Follows what happens when they return to the places in rural France where they had been secretly hidden 60 years before.


Science Stunts special: what happens when humans meet electricity? Someone's going to get Zapped...


Astronomy event series for the BBC (some for Discovery Science). Takes viewers to the heart of the action, and lets them take part...

The Man Who Invented The Aeroplane

The Man Who Invented the Aeroplane: the untold story of Sir George Cayley.

Science Shack series 2

After the huge success of the first series Adam Hart-Davis and his team attempt six more challenges.

Walk The Line

An historian, a scientist and a geologist take on the challenge of walking as the crow flies along lines that cross our towns and countryside.

Science Shack

A prime time BBC2 series in which Adam Hart Davis answers your questions about science.

Einstein TV

A long run of 5 minute inserts featuring current, popular science stories.


What do scientists actually do? We followed a few to find out.

After The Genome

The book of the human genome has now been read. What happens next?

Object Lessons

A series of 5 minute shorts about scientists and the quirky things they study.

Local Heroes

Long running iconic series with Adam Hart-Davis about pioneers of science.

History Quest

Take an investigative trip into history with Rory Mcgrath

Hart-Davis On History

Adam Hart-Davis and Jayne Constantinis travel the country revealing historical gems.

On The Edge

The science of the seashore, with Adam Hart-Davis on that fluorescent bike.