Screenhouse has made web sites, both free-standing and to go with our broadcast shows, since the mid 1990s. We quickly realised the power of direct interaction with our audience online, and that two-way relationship remains vital today. Our web sites are places where we can inform and entertain, and we’ve produced games, online movies, podcasts, DIY projects, competitions, and forums to delight our fans.

Science Shack became a  series, but started life as a year-long web project for BBC Online. The Shack was a B+Q shed in the corner of the office. Visitors asked science questions, and we responded by performing experiments and demos in the shed, sharing the results on the site within a week. Once the show was in production, the site became a vital forum where users could join in with the show as it was being taped.

Science Shack 2

The second series of Science Shack sees the launch of an all new website .


What do scientists actually do? A site based on a series of made for the Open University and the BBC.


Based on a series of live shows and aimed at 14 to 15 year olds.

Science Shack 1

The interactive TV series that aired on BBC 2 prime time.

History Quest

Based on our BBC knowledge series, a history site featuring games and articles

Local Heroes

Things to do, biographies and games from our popular BBC2 series website