Books written by Adam Hart-Davis and Paul Bader

The Cosmos: A Beginner’s Guide

Superbly produced book based on our BBC /Open University series. Written by Adam Hart-Davis and Paul Bader, it draws not only on the material seen on screen, but on background research that never made it into the series, and their experiences of visiting some of the most stunning science locations on earth, including CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, 100m under Geneva, and the Very Large Telescope in Chile’s stunning Atacama Desert. Get it from Amazon.

The Book of Victorian Heroes

The Victorian age became the great age of invention and ingenuity, especially following the Great Exhibition and a new patent system in 1851. Here Adam Hart-Davis and Paul Bader tell the stories of their favourite Victorian scientists and engineers. The book is fully illustrated and you can get it from Amazon.

Local Heroes Do-It-Yourself Science

Our latest Local Heroes book - Science you can do your self. Local Heroes DIY Science has just been published by BBC books. Written by Adam Hart-Davis and Local Heroes producer Paul Bader, it contains 37 science projects for you to build, as featured in the show! The book includes everything from the fairly straightforward automatic egg-boiler to the very ambitious fax machine, by way of DNA and signalling apparatus. Fully illustrated and with detailed instructions, you can get it from Amazon.

100 Local Heroes

This book by Adam Hart-Davis and Paul Bader features some of our favourite heroes from the first two Local Hero volumes brought together in a new compact format. Without the lavish illustration of the other books, you get solid information about pioneers of science for a bargain price. Get it from Amazon.

More Local Heroes

More local Heroes by cycling scientist Adam Hart-Davis and producer Paul Bader is also in the shops. It contains a wealth of information and biography about fifty of the pioneers who have appeared in Local Heroes. This volume features the stories of well-known heroes like John Logie Baird, inventor of television, and James Watt, dour Scots improver of the steam engine. You'll also find the more obscure heroes for whom the TV series is so well known: George Manby and William Trengrouse, inventors of explosive life-saving equipment, and Nicholas de Chemant with his foot-warming dinner table. The book is well illustrated with photographs and original documents, a Hero map of the UK and details of places to visit connected with these great pioneers. Get it from Amazon..

The Local Heroes Book Of British Ingenuity

The first volume of the Local Heroes. It features fifty pioneers, including Edward Jenner the originator of the Smallpox vaccine, and Isambard Kingdom Brunel, as well Sarah Guppy and her modified tea urn, and Colin Pullinger's perpetual mousetrap, together with photos, maps and details of places to visit. Get it from Amazon.