Screenhouse is a production, communication, and training company based in Leeds, UK, but working around the world.

We are multi-award-winning producers in television, online, and beyond for UK and international channels. We have a strong track record of hundreds of television programmes, web sites, live shows and amazing science machines. We've won awards for many of our productions, including Royal Television Society Yorkshire Production Company of the Year in 2008.

Science on TV and beyond

We specialise in popular science series including
The Cosmos: A Beginner's Guide for the BBC and Open University. We've also become known for our fast-turnaround space series Stardate, live or as live from Mission Control in Europe or the USA, for Discovery Science USA and the BBC. Check out the production pages for a heritage of science broadcasting stretching back to 1991.


We make long-running history series and single films, including the award winning
Timewatch: The Hidden Children, the extraordinary story of four children saved from the Nazis and hidden by incredibly brave families in France.


Britain's Tallest Teens for ITV1 and most recently The Clock That Changed The World, for BBC4 and BBC North.


With decades of TV experience behind us, we set up Screenhouse Training to try to put something back into the industry. With partners like Patrick Titley, we now run a number of courses for TV professionals and those starting out in the industry. And after many years of featuring scientists on screen, we also help scientists to communicate better. See our
training pages for details.


We've been making web sites and other interactive products for almost as long as we've been making television programmes. Watch this space for details of new multi-platform productions currently being planned.


Screenhouse Productions Limited was set up in 1991 by Paul Bader, who is now Creative Director. He has been joined on the board by Chief Executive Barbara Govan.

The company was initially formed to make
Local Heroes, the popular series in which Adam Hart-Davis cycled the country in pursuit of (dead) pioneers of science and invention. Two series were originally made for Yorkshire Television, then in 1994 we sold the series to the BBC2 where it ran for six more series covering over 200 heroes.